Brolin's Scoops & Maddie's Sips

As a family owned business, I am so proud to include my grandchildren as part of this journey. Brolin's Scoops is all about the Ice Cream side of the business. Hudsonville Ice Cream is famous in Michigan and we brought it to Bartlett, IL. Maddie's Sips is all about the drink side of things. Coffee, Cappuccinos, Latte's, Teas and specialty drinks is her side kick. Then comes Deb, Urban Oasis Boutique has beautiful and unusual gift ideas for everyone.

Brolin is now 12 years old and loves soccer. Brolin’s Scoops is all about the Hudsonville Ice Cream made in Michigan rotating over 40 Flavors.
Cones, Ice Cream Cups, Floats, Sundaes, Malts and Shakes is all his real game. Of Course the toppings are even better.
We also make ice cream pies, ice cream tortes which is our specialty.
We cater to parties, weddings, fundraisers and all other occasions.
You will see Brolin over the summertime after school working his company and stocking water, cleaning tables, washing the floors and giving back change. He’s pretty successful for his young age and learning the business from his grandma.

Madison is now 6 years old and it’s all about her Tea Parties. Her drinks include iced or hot, coffee, cappuccinos, latte’s, Italian sodas, bottle water, pop and specialty drinks. At such a young age, she is all into eating the ice cream profits of her brothers side of things.
Watch out for Maddie’s Teddy Bear & Tea Party Events. They are a spectacular time for the little girls that like to get dress up and have a tea party. Don’t forget your Teddy Bear too!

 Current ice cream flavors:

 Strawberry Cheese Cake

Cake Batter
Rainbow Sherbert
Brownie Batter
Coffee Lovers Dream
Sea Side Caramel
Coffee Lovers Dream
Orange Pineapple
Black Cherry
Butter Pecan
Grand Traverse Bay Cherry Fudge
Michigan Deer Tracks
Mac Fudge
Tiger Traxx
Lemon Sorbet
Chocolate Monster